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What's solar mobile power?

Anything : Powers virtually all your hand-held electronics.
Anytime : Stores power for whenever you need it.
Anywhere : Chargeable from the sun ,computer USB output ,lamp light or charger of car.
Anyone : Easy to use by attaching a cable and connector.

Now I'm free ..The energy of the sun can be harnessed and placed right in a pocket, purse, or backpack ----thanks to the remarkable power of Rodmo Solar Mobile Power!"

- What is RS Solar Mobile Power?
It is a portable, renewable power source that draws energy from sunlight, storing it in an internal battery and using it to power supplying & charging virtually all mobile electronic devices, including:
Cell phones:Moto,Nokia,Samsung,Ericsson..any models !
MP3/4 players ,Video game ,player,Radio,CD,V/DVD.
Digital cameras,DV,Chargeable Batteries,Talk-back.
PDAs,Laptops,Blue headset,Shaver.
GPSs More.. also for lighting and Money detector!

- What can the RS-Solar Power run?
It can run small electronics requiring less than 2 watts. It can help run any small electronics over 2 watts by connecting multiple RS- units together. Daisy-chaining the unit with another one can double the power output. (click to see partial list of?www.

- When can i use the RS-Solar mobile power ?
It can be used in all sunny conditions. Naturally, the brightest conditions will yield better charging output, also can be charged by DC power supply,
computer USB output,charger of car..

- Who can use the RS-Solar mobile power ?
The traveler can use it to run his cell phone, PDA small and portable computer etc. The outdoors enthusiast can use it to run a GPS, FRS radio, two-way radio, cell phone, hand-held video game, digital camera, and a portable mp3, minidisc or CD player,also can use for lighting & money detector...

- How can use when the weather is overcast and rainy?
It also can be charged by lamp light, DC adapter ,computer USB output,or charger of car .

How does it work?
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Patent No : ZL 2005 3 0089593.5