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Principle of Solar power system 1 2 3 4
Solar power system is composed of solar panels, solar controller and batteries. If the power supply is 110V/220V, it needs inverter.
The functions of each part as follow:
(A) Solar panels: Solar panel is the key part of the solar power system. It is also the part of highest value. That is used for transferring sunshine into power, or the channel to battery to store the power, or drive something move.
(A) Solar controller: the function of the solar controller is managing the working status and used for protecting the battery to charge power and release power. To mark up for the temperature if the country with temperature differences. Other additional function is switch of light control and time control.
(A) Battery: It is Lead-Acid battery in generally. It is also can be Ni- MH ,Ni-CD or lithium battery if in the small system. The function is used for charging power when sunshine and releasing power if in need.
(A) Inverter: The output of solar power is 12VDC, 24VDC and 48VDC. It will transform the power from direct current(DC) to alternating current (AC) if the electric products with output 220VAC.
  Solar Panels Solar Controller 12/24/48VDC  
  Battery   Inverter 110/220VAC
Factors of devising the Solar power system:
1. Where does the solar power system use?
2. What is the Load Power of the system? How long is the sunshine hour?
3. What is the output voltage of the system? Is DC or AC?
4. How many hours the system will use per day?
5. How many days will need to supply power if it is raining?
6. What is the condition of Load? Is Electric resistance, Electric capacity or Inductance? What is the start electric current?
7. Number of the system required.
Specification for solar home power equipment