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Product introduce
Solar Christmas LED Lamp String Product Introduction
í˝ MODEL No. :RSF-7D01
í˝ Storage Component: Li-Polymer Battery

1. Brief Introuduction
1.1.Using solar as energy and new-type,efficient and safe Li-Polymer battery as storage component, the solar LED lamp string is not only used as decoration for Christmas or estival, but also for mansion, restaurant, street, sight street, house decoration and sight project etc.
1.2. The product is self-powered, economical and environmental protect, working under the safe voltage.
1.3. Cordless, easy to install; fully sealed, suitable for outdoor application, need not maintenance.
1.4. Automatically controlled: turn on and off according to the ambient light intensity (or controlled by manual according to customerí»s requirement).
1.5. Long life span, average life is 3 years or more.(The life span is limited by battery, normally the battery life is 3 years. If replace the battery, the product life can reach 6 years or more.)
1.6. Good decoration effect, various colors and lighting modes for option.

Lighting Mode
1 Combined Lighting (default)recycle from 2 to 6.
2 Gradual Change
3 Flash
4 Chasing Flash
5 Waving Flash
6 Constant

Technical Data
Li-Polymer battery Solar Cell Working hours after fully charged Average life(years) Light Source Length Model No.
Name Qty
1400 3.2 1000 180 5.5 12h 3 Ultra-bright LED 50pcs 5m RSF-7D01-L05
2200 3.2 1400 255 5.5 12h 3 ŽŇ5mm 100pcs 10m RSF-7D01-L10
Other Data
Color of LED Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, White, Colorful or specified by buyer
Turn on/off Automatically Turn on at: 50í└20 lx ; Turn off at:
350í└50 lx by photo sensor
Auto-recording Auto-recording last lighting mode
Protection level IP66
Ambient temperature -40íŠ~70íŠ(-40F~158F)
Outline dimension Model No. Controller Solar Panel
RSF-7D01-L05 123mmX53mmX20mm 118mmX85mmX18mm
RSF-7D01-L10 127mmX59mmX22mm 151mmX90mmX18mm
Weight RSF-7D01-L05 320g
RSF-7D01-L10 500g
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