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Being familiar immediately
Now let me introduce this portable mobile signal jammer to you and make you better understanding about the positions of all the buttons, function of accessories and other hardware.

Especially Function : Can fit together with Rodmo Solar mobile power
Top View
Output power and working instruction Point¢Ùconnect with antennas as the indication and turn on the power. Point¢Úindicator light is on, it means the jammer is working normally.
Left side view
Point ¢Û power switch£¬press
the button to turn on the machine.
And the indicator light will be on as the point¢Ú in top view.
Bottom side view
point¢Ücharging port£¬point¢Ý charging indicator. point¢Ý when charging for jammer, the indicator light will be on. When the built-in battery is charged full, the indicator light will be off.

Technical Data

Type Output Port Frequency Radius range
Type A CDMA 870-880 MHz 0.5-15 M @ depending on the mobile service provider¡¯s
network condition
GSM 930-960 MHz
DCS 1805-1920 MHz
Type B GSM 869-960 MHz 0.5-12 M @ depending on the mobile service provider¡¯s
network condition
DCS 1805-1920 MHz
3G 2100-2270 MHz
Power supply:AC220V-DC5V Built-in Battery:1500mA/h
Energy consumption:0.5W/h Weight: 150g Size:(L¡ÁW¡ÁH):95¡Á45¡Á18mm

Technical Feature
Taking use of superhigh frequency and mini-power interference technology, high effective power.
Effectively making subsections,just interfering downlink and no interception on the base station.
Extreme portability£¬the weigh for machine itself and antenna is just 150g.
Low power consumption£¬working time for machine is about 2-3 hours, supplied power by battery.
Imported elements: Slow start up design of circuit. These elements can maintain the stable operation condition with high intergration.

Connection capacity
Three SMA ports which are used to connect with antenna (CDMA/GSM/DCS/ or GSM/DCS/3G)
one charging port
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