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Principal diagram of interception machine
Power supply module:
Power control unit:
Infrared interface:
Interception apparatus:
Combiner circuit:

Choose installation position
1、Using mini directional antenna should be taken at the center of shielding zone as followed drawing shown:

2、Using directional antenna should be taken at the edge of shielding zone as followed drawing shown:
Points for attention:
Before linking all the antennae, power supply shall not be switched on at first.Non taking off antennae when the mainframe is in the working condition.
The jammer shall be installed in the position with good ventilation.And large-scale things shall be avoided to ensure to the shielding effect.
When use the jammer outdoors, preventing water shall be taken into consideration.
Antenna shall be used vertical to the ground.

Question and answer
Will the jammer interfere the other electronic equipment to be in good working condition?
  No. Because the electromagnetic signal sent by jammer are totally used in the band that regulated by government and just have interception effect to cell phone communication.
Will the jammer have bad effect to human body and cell phone?
  You should not worry about it. The intensity of electromagneticsignal sent by jammer is in compliance with the national standard of environmental electromagnetic wave health, the signal sent by jammer is relatively small and no damage will appeared on human body according to the testing files. Meanwhile, this device is just damage the receiving condition to cell phone and makes the normal connection between cell phone and base station impossible. Therefore, no damage will occur on cell phone itself.
Is there any difference of distance between using the jammerindoor and outdoor.
 Yes. Generally speaking,outdoor signals is bigger than the indoor signal.Thereby, the shielding effect is worse outdoor.Strictly speaking,whether using indoor or outdoor, the effective distance of interception is related to the surrounding environment as the distance between different base stations,positions of installation,etc.
Is the jammer has the same effect to GSM cell phone and CDMA cell phone.
 The capacity of anti-interference of CDMA is much better than GSM cell phone. So the interference effect for GSM cell phone is better than CDMA cell phone.
The shell of jammer will become hot after working for some times.Does the long-time keeping in working condition will damage the machine itself.
 It is very normal. When design, We are thinking of taking use of the conductivity of metal shell to help the heat sinking during our designation,by this way,the machine can be kept in good working condition for long time.
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