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Being familiar immediately
¡¡Now ,let me introduce this P-4421E jammer and make you have better understanding about the positions of all the buttons, function of accessories and other hardware.

Left side elevation

Right side elevation

NO. Function instruction NO. Function instruction
1 GSM indicator light of working condition 5 GSM RF output(connect with antenna)
2 DCS indicator light of working condition 6 DCS RF output(connect with antenna)
3 CDMA indicator light of working condition 7 CDMA RF output(connect with antenna)
4 PHS indicator light of working condition 8 PHS RF output(connect with antenna)

Technology index:
Output Frequency Average output power Channel output power
CDMA 870-880MHz 35dBm 10dBm/30KHz(minimum)
GSM 925-960MHz 35dBm 5dBm/30KHz(minimum)
DCS 1805-1850MHz 33dBm 1dBm/30KHz(minimum)
PHS 1895-1920MHz 33dBm 1dBm/30KHz(minimum)
Power supply:AC adapter(AC220V-DC5V)
Somidiameter of intercoption:(3-35) m@representative
Power consumption:36W

Technology characteristic:
Taking use of technology of interferencing superhigh frequency.
Intelligence controlling technology taking charge of the power outputting within the scope of 10 meters.
High effective channel power with rater big semidiameter of interception
Effectively making subsections, just interferencing downlink and causing no interception of base station.
Imported elements: Slow startup design of circuit can avoid the appearance of sparking when turn on or turn off the machine. Furthermore, these elements can maintain the stable operation condition with high intergration.
Connecting capacity
Four SMA interfaces, which are using to connect antenna (GSM/DCS/CDMA/PHS).
One power supply interface (DC5V IN)
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