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"No transmissions and receptions of cellular phone calls under Jammer coverage area!! "

Why Recommend H&E?
-No noise; Heat dissipation through extremely good aluminum composite shell!
-Just plug it in and use it. Complete with remote control switch!
-Elegantly designed thin body!
-Reasonably priced!
-Assurance of excellent after sales service!
-Strict quality controls of the Panda Mobile Phone factory
-Complete line of models to choose from; each model provides different coverage areas!
-Can select from models that jam one type of signal or many!
-Already received the most authoritative certification available, the National Science and Technology Committee certification!
-OEM orders are welcome!
-This model was designed to thoroughly solve the drawbacks of Model Bí»s noisy electrical fans and the heat dissipation of Model Cí»s plastic casing!
-It only interferes with the download from the base station! (Other Jammers available on the market interfere with the uploading of the base station signal and so it effects the general use of the mobile phones), but the design of the P-4421 H/E models of Mobile Phone Jamming Devices represent a breakthrough and are especially suited to gasoline stations for safety protection!
-The model P-4421H solve the drawbacks of Model Dí»s power out cannot remote control !
-The Models of H&E are top-quality
Notice : For correct installation instructions and troubleshooting, please see our website:
Special Attention:
1-Please remember to first install the antennas before turning on the device;
2-Please remember not to break off the antenna when the device is on, otherwise damage may occur.

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