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-12 different flowery colours available
-Especially function : can fit together with solar charger backpack
-Multi volt selections for different requirements
-Solar Panel (Mono or Multi- crystalline):6V/150mA
-USB chargeriing cable : 5V 500mA .
-Li-ion rechargeable battery: 3.7V/1200mAh/2400mAh
-Out put Volt/Current: 5.5V/600mA , 7.5V/450mA,9V/400mA(available)
-Super extended standby time, current consume<150uA
-Charging times :
¡¡1)Mobile phone : 1-2 Hours .
¡¡2)Lithium battery : 6-8hours (under full sunlight conditions)
¡¡3)Lithium battery : 3-4Hours (via USB chargering cable)
-Indication: charging & discharging state LED
-Protection£ºover current limited; short circuit; over charge; over discharge.
-Constant Volts: 4.2Volts
-Dimension: 117L*80W*20Hmm
-Packing : Gift box

Main components :
Solar charger : 1 PC
USB chargering cable : 1 PC
Charger cable : 1 PC
Connectors :
Optional : Adaptors , solar charger backpacks, charger of car,Solar Panels
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